capital f. and u. c. k. e. r. and s.

i know i’m somewhat notorious for my lack of patience and highly irritable ways, and my ongoing efforts to work on both, but holy bajeeza fuck are they being tested to the max today… all down to the usual sources, of course: colleagues.

well, not all of them. some i tolerate without issue. some are ok and totally inoffensive.

some i look forward to seeing (yes, the eye-candy, who today is looking real good to this observer and doing very naughty things in my imagination…oh happy days…)

then there are them. the others. the panic-over-everything-ers. the share-every-thought-loudly-ers. the moan-about-everything-repeatedly-ers. the never-ever-happy-with-anything-ers. the-wah-wah-wah-ers.

aka the fuckers. capital f.

and u. c. k. e. r. and s.

and today, thanks to a slight change in procedures to accommodate some unexpected new services, well, the fuckers have not stopped.

all. fucking. day.

all. on. repeat.

their main subtext being: oh, now i have to actually think for myself and do a little actual work. me no happy.

thank fuck it’s friday. a few hours to go and i can escape to my little studio space, to enjoy the quiet. and no doubt some lots of wine. it’s needed.



  1. Wow, we must work with some of the same people! How obnoxious. As you said though, it’s Friday. Run like mad and dive right into that bucket of wine. You’ve earned it!


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