cue: utter nonsense, b.s, and scaremongering.

as previously noted here on the15thday, in one way or another, i do my utmost to try ignore all things politics. and religion. mostly because the latter is such sensitive subject matter and i understand that which is why i leave well alone; and the former because it is now nothing but a total farce! and let’s face it, the current state of several “great nations” prove it.

did anyone say “fake news?!” enough said.


growing up i always thought politicians had to have gone through many years of study and work experience prior to taking on positions of such great power, some more so than others, but still, most have power to influence and i assumed would therefore require proof of worth etc to do so.

clearly, that’s utter bollocks. i give you the former reality tv show host and business man who is now the king dong of the u.s. wok. no former political experience ever. and let’s consider the chap in charge in r.s.a… what experience justifies his holding that position when clearly he’s way out of his league?!

but even when some have had alleged career history within the field, they still seem so totally out of touch with any kind of reality as soon as they step into the big boys shoes.

in the u.k, which i love for many reasons, the state of the political game is beyond a joke. aside from several small parties – whose influence in anything is negligible other than to irritate and waste time – we’re left with a few who are “big enough” to have effect, and when they do, they handle it like it’s the first time ever in the history of the world they’ve considered what is required when in power.

aside from “look after your cronies,” well…who knows.

at the moment, we have the joyous experience of an impending general election. this one a “snap” one, so at least we’ve been spared a few additional months of prep (and at least here it doesn’t go on for the seemingly thirty-six month like campaign trails the u.s endure…)

cue: political party broadcasts. cue: manifesto releases. cue: big promises (with fingers tightly crossed behind backs.) everyone promises everything they believe we want to hear, and deliver fuck all when they get in on the back of it. cue: utter nonsense, b.s, and scaremongering. “we’ll invest billions in the nhs etc” and then “oh, can’t quite meet that so will invest a little, and instead waste millions on it systems that don’t work, or paying over the odds for “consultants” who deliver nothing.

like brexit. the leave campaign quoted everything under the sun, and afterwards it was shown many of the most popular claims were incorrect / exaggerated. but we’re stuck with the exit…

a total and complete farce. all of it!



  1. This political bit was warranted. That’s definitely a good word to describe the pumpkin, farce. Crossing my fingers he keeps running his mouth enough to get him in real trouble except the VP is worst. We’re pretty screwed, lol.

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