sure i’ve mentioned before, but i’m a bit of a sucker for cooking shows. especially those where the participants are challenged to do certain things, in preference to shows where a lone chef whips something up in an impossibly clean kitchen with access to every single possible utensil ever made.

shows like masterchef, chopped, hell’s kitchen, great british menu and the like are brilliant and i’ve lost many hours to watching them.

but a recurring issue i have – regardless of the type of show – is when it comes to the cooking of meat. all the chefy types (and my mom, actually, whose blue rare steak smothered in garlic sauce is a very much loved favourite dinner,) seem to like everything virtually still with a heartbeat. except chicken. pink meat in chicken is a no-no.

but things like venison and it’s practically still kicking as it’s served up.


when it comes to the meats, über well done for me, please and thank you. this still bleeding virtually raw shite is just wrong. even in movies when you see the lost chap in the woods without fire and he has to raw eat the rabbit he managed to catch with twine from his jumper, my gag reflex kicks in.

dried / cured meats are ok, especially growing up in south africa where biltong (jerky to the u.s. peops,) is a default go to snack. but raw? nah.

i’ve only tried raw meat a couple of times in my (almost) forty three years. once in a lebanese restaurant where, much like the other place i (for reasons unknown) tried tartare, there was so much added spices and pickles and such that i was able to just about convince myself it was ok.

it wasn’t. not really. same mix of meats and such but fried up and served with some fries? now we’re talking. proper fries too. perfect for smothering in every condiment to hand too, of course.



  1. The slightly undercooked meat meal is tastier than the overcooked dry meat meal. I agree though that chicken & fish must be well cooked. No pink for me there! I do like a fair portion of fat on my meat, no lean mince eg as the fat definitely adds to the delicious flavour! Enjoy !

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