urgh, it’s everywhere and hard to ignore

according to some of the news i foolishly viewed the other day, apparently odds are looking good that either that screwed up place of north korea and (getting more screwed up by the day) place of the usa are gonna be nuking the arse out of each other, aiming to fry the poor bastards on the receiving end in what i assume from school history – and several hollywood big screen versions – is a pretty nasty way to go.

not to mention the mess left over afterwards…

this is why i shouldn’t watch news. or read it. or listen to it. because this kinda shit freaks me out major…for two reasons:

1 – i don’t understand the reasons behind this being a possible turn of events, my understanding (or interest) in each regime (yes, under the orange one, the u.s. is looking more like a regime by day,) not great. i.e. i don’t quite fathom why they’re bitching with each other and all that. and while i’m sure many will say “oh, the reasons are good…” i have to think really? are they? possible nuclear bombs, well there can’t be any good reason for those. ever.

2 – i can’t switch the brain off when i see / read / hear this stuff. it’s bloody hard to ignore, innit?!

honestly, i know i’m sure i’ve mentioned before, but that wonderful state of youth where you’re blissfully ignorant of anything and everything outside of your family, friends and local area. anything beyond that? no fucks given, no sleep lost! i know that may be the ostrich approach, head in sand and all that, but gees it’s gotta be way better than miserable, sad, ugly hard truths of just how badly many are treating each other!

i wanna find that bubble of happy place that i can just free up the worrying space to using that for more important things. like, just what does the eyecandy look like without his calvin’s on…

mmm. now that’s a far better use of brain time than stress and worry, yes?!

hence i’ve purposely being trying to avoid any and all news, but it’s actually harder than it sounds! it’s everywhere?! but i shall persevere…



  1. Just do the best you can do & be the best you can be every day in your own space & the ripple effect will work!! You cannot save the whole world but maybe your little area will be a great place!

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