and the grey cat’s in the window, just like “monkey”

every week day when i walk to desk jockey hell the office, i pass a junior school on the way. this is something i could avoid, but i prefer not to.

mostly as even though there are other routes, while i’m usually still half asleep in the a.m. i need routine and so i know, even in my foggy state, when on my way, once i hit the church with the railings – church denomination unknown, though i guess at catholic – i automatically turn right.

this just happens to lead passed the school. and some mornings in one of the houses after the school, a beautiful grey kitty sits in the window watching the world go by. just like my “monkey,” my cat i used to have – officially called connor (after john connor in terminator two,) who used to love doing same…

this is fine with me really. sure, it means dodging mummies and daddies who are perhaps a little (totally) overprotective and won’t let their child walk without holding it’s hand, thereby blocking the pavement; or with their many other kids in tow blocking the way. (how someone affords four or five kids nowadays is beyond me?!)

but aside from them, it’s fine.

i do find myself rather envious of the schoolkids days ahead, i mean they start it by playing. even if it’s a pain in the arse game, like copycat (you know…when the bastard, or bastards, around you repeat what you say, and how you say it, like it’s “funny.” this too gets “funnier,” again – apparently, the more frustrated you get with it,) it’s still not a bad way to start the day.

plus they’re all smooth skinned, wrinkle free, stress free and totally free of the mega pile of dross crap that is adulthood. the little bastards.


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