ok, so maybe it was a mistake to cheat on my “diet” (in so much as i’m trying to just reduce the level of utter crap that dominates my dietary intake at present) with that venti (aka huge!) caramel coffee frappucino, double blended ta, with cream, of course…and extra caramel sauce drizzled on top. if you’re gonna cheat, do it properly, right?

but it was my hard earned freebie drink and i think i’d only be cheating myself more if i used said hard earned freebie to have my usual fix.

…and it was delicious. even if they spelled my name at order of “roge:)”

you realise i have to force myself to have fifteen fixes at no light expense on my part, to get that freebie, right? enduring all those misspelled names too… you try forcing down fifteen sugar-free vanilla / hazelnut / caramel (mood dependent) skinny extra hot wet latte’s to get those fifteen little golden stars required for that freebie.

it’s hard work, okay?! you’d think by now though they’d know how to spell my damned name. i try to go in with a short name but like pavlov’s dogs and their bells, when i hear “name” i say roger. very almost add my surname too most times. it’s just a default setting. name? roger. dammit. not today, today it’s bob. or joe. or t.

i don’t know if he was trying to be cute with the ‘:)’ or if, more likely, was just down to his limited grasp of english, that the final letter i was spelling out, repeatedly, was r. somehow translated into “sort of smiley face,” though i’m at a loss as to figure out why. poor barista was utterly confused when she called out my name when the order was ready…

“venti caramel coffee frappucino for rog…rogé…!” i was salivating too much at the nearness of the ice blended yumminess i didn’t bother to correct her. yes, that’s me…i said to some strange looks from fellow coffee addicts awaiting their next fix. i grabbed my drink, my straw, turned up the ipod – alanis morissette, if you want to know – and sashayed away.

(if you get that final reference, well, good on you fellow racer’s fan…!)






  1. OMG. Roge, like in “rose” wine!?!!!! I would have wet myself laughing if we’d been at Starbucks together and they called you that. If only they knew what would have happened if you were having a bad day……! I’m 100% in agreement however with going all out on the freebie drink. You earned it!

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